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Diversity & Inclusion Trainings

How to Have Crucial Diversity Conversations

This training focuses on some common crucial conversations that need to happen in work environments striving for inclusion and diversity. Topics include interrupting harmful ways of relating with one another, having conversations when you have immediate diversity concerns, and proactive conversations that help create a culture of inclusion.

Date: January 2018, date/time TBA

Making Implicit Bias Conscious

Implicit bias refers to the attitudes or sterotypes that affect our understanding, actions and decisions in an unconsious manner. This training examines the impact of implicit bias, explores how implicit bias is manifested in our day to day, and discusses strategies to identify and interupt our implicit biases. 

Date: Spring 2018, date/time TBA

Cultural Competency in the Classroom: Strategies & Suggestions

Culturally competent courses strive to create environments tha allow for effective, ethical and accountable conversations across difference. This training aims to help you think about and strategize how you make your classroom brave enough for students to engage in conversations about difference. 

Date: Spring 2018, date/time TBA

2018 Parren J. Mitchell Symposium on Racial Wealth Inequality

The School of Public Policy is a co-sponsor of the 2018 Parren J. Mitchell Symposium on Racial Wealth Inequality. See confirmed panels and speakers. Additional information will be shared as it becomes available.