Do Good Accelerator

The new Do Good Accelerator will provide promising Do Good ventures (projects, nonprofits, businesses) with leadership coaching and mentoring, creative community space, networking opportunities, financial support and educational training.

Do Good Challenge

The Do Good Challenge is a year-long effort that engages over a thousand students across campus and partners with numerous colleges, schools, and programs. Capped by an eight-week competition created by UMD students to encourage their peers to Do Good, the challenge awards over $20,000 of total prize money and gives students a chance to get their organization’s name in front of a panel of high-profile judges and hundreds of supporters and professionals at the Finals.

Global Philanthropy

The Institute is dedicated to helping students become innovative and effective professionals in the field of global philanthropy, international development, and nongovernmental leadership and management. Students extend their formal curriculum through international immersion and deepen their professional portfolio through field experiences and study abroad programs.


Through Philanthropy Fellows and the Global Philanthropy Service Fellowship, the Institute is creating robust experiences for students to immerse with and address significant international philanthropy and development issues through hands-on field-based research and study abroad programs; regularly interact with top leaders and philanthropists; and directly employ their skills to advance the work of nonprofits and foundations.