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Do Good Challenge

The Do Good Challenge is a year-long effort that engages more than 1,000 students across campus and partners with numerous colleges, schools, and programs.

Capped by an eight-week competition created by UMD students to encourage their peers to Do Good, the challenge awards more than $20,000 of total prize money and gives students a chance to get their organization’s name in front of a panel of high-profile judges and hundreds of supporters and professionals at the Finals. It is an opportunity students can’t miss.

Teams can enter the Challenge in one of two ways:

  • Projects: Student-run initiatives that maximize impact for a particular cause or organization through volunteering, fundraising, and/or awareness efforts during the course of the Challenge.

  • Ventures: Independent, student-founded and student-run organizations intended to be self-sustaining entities in the long run, whose efforts during the Challenge focus on taking the organization to the next level.

Register now for the 2017 Challenge, by clicking here.