The Do Good Challenge is open to all University of Maryland undergraduate and graduate students.

Each team must have 50% or more UMD students as members.

Previous first place winners may not compete for the same cause; however, they may compete in a new team for a different cause.

During the Challenge

All teams must keep detailed records of their accomplishments  throughout the Challenge. Information may include:

  • Total funds raised
  • Number of volunteers involved
  • Number of people helped
  • Activities conducted

For more information about things you can do to improve your project, go to our resources page.

After the Challenge

Teams will be evaluated by a panel of Do Good Challenge staff to determine twelve semi-finalists.

Each semi-finalist will be asked to present in front of this panel. Teams must:

  • Prepare a 5-minute presentation.
  • Go through a 5-minute questions round.
  • Demonstrate the impact, leverage, and innovation of their project or venture.

Following team presentations, the panel will determine six finalists. Each finalist will be asked to present in front of a panel of celebrity judges and an audience of hundreds at the Finals in late spring.