Submit Final Reports

Finals Reports are due by Tuesday, April 4th 2017. Submit your final report HERE! If you have questions about this final report, please email us at

Projects and Ventures are judged based on the impact, leverage, and creativity exhibited during the Challenge:

  • Impact: Both depth and breadth of impact in terms of money raised, volunteer hours worked, number of people reached or impacted, and more. For example, if you raised money, what will the money do and how does that make an impact on your cause?
  • Leverage: How did you use the Challenge to accelerate your impact?
  • Creativity: Does the project/venture address a social issue in a unique and innovative way?
  • Feasibility: Consider the goals of the project/venture and whether they are realistic and achievable. Can the project/venture demonstrate past success? Does the project/venture have a strong understanding of how outside forces may impact their work and if so, have a plan for dealing with potential hurdles?

Submissions will close at 11:59pm on Tuesday, April 4th.