Do Good Challenge Teams

A Helpful Hello promotes awareness and respect to those experiencing homelessness in the Washington DC area.
Through our comic book and resource guide, our team hopes to provide information to refugee children and their families, as well as let them know they are not alone in their journey.
Annie's Children aims to help orphanages in developing countries sustainably, as well as spread diversity with our books.
Aria Labs will help nonprofits run their operations with the decision-making power of world-class data science analytics for free.
We hope to accomplish these three goals: - To increase awareness of Change Direction’s five signs 25 percent among college students (we will evaluate by pre-test/post-test survey result). - To reduce the negative social stigma of mental health 30 percent among University of Maryland students (we will evaluate through social media analytics). - To increase positive attitudes surrounding mental health 25 percent among University of Maryland students (we will evaluate using social media analytics).
We plan on reducing pollution in the Chesapeake Bay by raising oysters to help filter out toxins in the water.
To help the homeless youth at the Youth Empowerment Society with their professional branding of themselves to break the cycle of youth homelessness by gaining longterm employment.
BRIDGS aims to provide support for the School of Languages, Literature, and Culture's Language Partnership Program here at Maryland to enhance it's growth.
To promote sustainability in the College Park community by constructing a green wall using recycled materials.
Campus Chef will help food insecure households in PG County feed their families by donating proceeds to the Capital Area Food Bank.