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Preventing Sexual Assault (PSA)
PSA aims to prevent sexual assault at the University of Maryland through education, awareness, and advocacy for survivors and for positive improvement of our schools reporting process.

Project Description

Preventing Sexual Assault is a student organization formed on the premise that all survivors of sexual assault deserve support from their community. While our overall end goal as an organization is to eliminate sexual assault from our campus, our medium-term goals aim to provide comprehensive and relatable approaches to prevention education that will promote a change in the culture that surrounds sexual assault, specifically on our campus. Measuring changes in culture may be a difficult task, but we combine quantitative data, such as attendance and reporting rates, with qualitative data, such as participant reactions, to truly evaluate the effectiveness of our approaches. As a relatively new student organization, we have already seen changes being made on our campus within the student body as well as through the actions of our administration. In order to stay true to the mission of our organization, PSA holds weekly educational meetings as well as educational and advocacy-related events throughout the semester. Specifically for the Do Good Challenge, we will be holding two events: Real Talk, which we hosted on February 20th, and Occupy McKeldin, which will be held on April 3rd. Both of these events will contribute to our overall goal of measuring changes in student attitudes toward sexual assault in an effort to reduce the prevalence of sexual assault on our campus. Through both of these events, we will be able to measure impact through attendance as well as through student responses.

Team Members

Alanna DeLeon
Ariela Sirota
Natalie Cabezas
Jillian McGrath
Colleen Connolly

Social Issue/Cause

Sexual Assault

Type of Activities