Team Nourish
Team Nourish aims to to educate pregnant women on the importance of nutrition for themselves and for their newborns.

Project Description

The United States has one of the worst Maternal and Infant Health rankings compared to other industrialized nations. Our project, Nourish: Mommy & Me, aims to improve maternal and infant health by promoting healthy eating during their pregnancy and to provide the best nutrition for their newborn. To accomplish this goal, Team Nourish will create a website to provide resources to educate mothers on topics such as, what to eat, how much to eat, and the importance of breastfeeding. In addition, Team Nourish will create 'Nourish Boxes' filled with healthy foods and recipes to give to mothers. Knowledge alone is not enough to change behavior. Therefore, by giving mothers a 'Nourish Box', the barrier of inaccessibility will be removed. In order to create these boxes, Team Nourish will be holding fundraising and service events to get the campus community involved in our mission. We hope to partner with the Pregnancy Aid Center as a distribution center for our Nourish Boxes.

Team Members

Sabrina Pasta
Joanne Vanderheyden
Catie Medlock
Sarah Dudley

Social Issue/Cause

Maternal and child health, nutrition

Type of Activities

Social Entrepreneurship