Vintage Voices
Vintage Voices spreads joy to the elderly, one vintage song at a time. Vintage Voices approach is three-fold: service, philanthropy, and awareness.

Project Description

Vintage Voices is a student organization at the University of Maryland that brings joy to homebound senior citizens through nostalgic music. With the vastly increasing aging population and society’s increasing need for residential senior care, long-term care communities are becoming more crowded and less capable of giving quality care that focuses on the residents’ mental health and quality of life as well as physical health. Our approach is three-fold: service, philanthropy, and awareness. Our service includes regular sing-along performances of nostalgic music at senior living communities, and visiting with the residents after performances to build intergenerational connections. Our philanthropy includes fundraising and conducting an iPod drive to donate iPods to the residents. IPods provide residents access to their favorite music anytime, creating a positive long-term impact. We work with communities that have existing iPod programs, where the staff are trained to administer the iPods and are enthusiastic about using them daily. Lastly, we act as the residents’ Voice to raise awareness through talks and events around campus to reduce the negative stigma associated with aging and create positive perceptions of the elderly population in the next generation of professionals.

Team Members

Becky Goodridge
Michelle Glazer
Andrew Lazara
Anabel Reynolds
Jennifer Holler

Social Issue/Cause

Quality of life for the elderly living in long-term care facilities

Type of Activities

Social Innovation