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CISSM Target of Opportunity Fund

The CISSM Target of Opportunity fund supports exploratory research, education, and outreach efforts on security policy problems for which CISSM does not currently have dedicated grant funding. Current areas of interest include the dynamics of civil violence; the security implications of climate change in countries with weak governance; and revisiting the morality of nuclear deterrence decades after the Cold War has ended. Help expand international cooperation in a world with evolving security concerns by contributing to the CISSM Target of Opportunity fund today.

Yamamoto-Scheffelin Endowment for Dissertation Research

The Yamamoto-Scheffelin Endowment for Dissertation Research was established in March 2012 by Marianna Yamamoto, Ph.D. '07 and Cliff Yamamoto in honor of the Japanese-Americans who served their country during World War II, in particular three brothers from Hawaii: Henry Chagami, Richard Chagami and Ronald Chagami. Spendable income from the Yamamoto-Scheffelin Endowment for Dissertation Research provides support for dissertation research by doctoral students in the School of Public Policy.

Dr. John Steinbruner Student Support Fund

The Dr. John Steinbruner Student Support Fund remembers a truly unique member of our community who shared his own depth and breadth of knowledge with School of Public Policy students in many ways including new courses that explored the formative experiences shaping current policy problems and focused on an explicitly international, rather than national, understanding of issues; guiding doctoral students through the completion of their dissertations, and initiating a joint educational program between the School of Public Policy and the Russian Academy of Science’s Institute of U.S. and Canada Studies.


Do Good Institute

Do Good Institute Start-Up Funds

Inspiring a generation of leaders and active citizens equipped to make a difference locally and around the globe, the university immerses students in rich educational experiences including the opportunity to set up and run philanthropic investment funds; develop entrepreneurial skills by competing for support for their big idea in the Do Good Challenge; engage in major international issues; interact with top leaders and philanthropists; and employ their skills to advance the work of nonprofit organizations for significant social impact. Maryland is creating a “do good” campus that produces students and alumni who are committed to developing solutions for improving our world.

Do Good Challenge

The annual, campus-wide Do Good Challenge inspires students to take fearless ideas, spark innovative solutions, and create social impact for today's most pressing problems. The Challenge has addressed issues from food insecurity in Prince George's County to providing emergency services to orphanages in Nepal, from climate change to childhood cancer, from medication recovery and delivery to residents in Ghana and Honduras to creating an emergency fall detection device, and so much more. Students can spend the academic year working to make a difference for the issues, ideas, and people they care about. The Challenge culminates with six teams pitching their project or venture and the impact they've made for the chance to win their share of more than $20,000.

SPP Philanthropy & Nonprofit Management Gift Fund

This fund supports the Philanthropy and Nonprofit Management program at the School of Public Policy.  Dr. Robert Grimm offers a hands-on course on philanthropy where undergraduate students set up and run a philanthropic fund and make actual grants to local nonprofits.  The program also offers courses on nonprofit management for graduate students in the School of Public Policy.


Center for Global Sustainability

Center for Global Sustainability Fund

This fund supports all the activities of the Center for Global Sustainability including events, programming, graduate assistant support, research, and other ventures related to sustainability, environmental policy, and climate change.

Green Fellowship in Environmental Policy

Created by the Green Fund, the Green Fellowship supports public policy students with an interest in environmental policy and mitigating climate change. Recipients utilize this award to help offset costs associated with internships, tuition, or study abroad opportunities. By focusing on their studies in and out of the classroom, they are able to make the most of the faculty and experiences SPP has to offer those interested in environmental policy.