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Giving: Fellowship and Internship Support

Public Policy Graduate Fellowship Support

Maryland recruits top graduate students from across the nation and the globe. The university’s success—and theirs—depends on providing these students with significant financial support. Fellowships help future scholars, scientists and artists to pursue bold, cutting-edge research. They shorten degree completion time by supporting students as they prepare for qualifying exams or write dissertations. Fellowship awards fund participation in international research projects, presentations at top academic conferences, and fieldwork from world capitals to rural villages.

School of Public Policy Alumni Internship Fund

More and more frequently, the internship opportunities that interest our students are uncompensated. Your gift will ensure that our Public Policy students can still pay their bills while exploring a meaningful hands-on learning experience. They can work on real projects that allow them to apply the analytical skills they gain in class to challenges faced by non-profit, government, and volunteer organizations.

School of Public Policy Scholarship/Internship Fund

At SPP, we pride ourselves on providing our students the opportunity to engage in experiential learning to compliment the work they are doing in the classroom. Through the Scholarship/Internship Fund, SPP students at all levels- undergraduate, graduate, and PhD- can receive the financial support they need to take part in internships, research, and other opportunities outside the classroom to further their policy education. By doing such, they can focus on developing the skills they need to become the policymakers of tomorrow without stressing over financial constraints. 

Allen Schick Scholarship Fund

Created in honor of Professor Allen Schick, the Schick Endowed Scholarship fund supports merit-based scholarships for graduate students in the School of Public Policy. 

Rawlings Undergraduate Leadership Fellows Program

Help support the next generation of undergraduate leaders dedicated to cultural pluralism, advocacy, and social change. Your gift supports resources for Rawlings Fellows and prepares them for leadership roles. Established at UMD in 2006, the Rawlings Program is part of undergraduate studies in the School of Public Policy. Students apply in the spring for a yearlong fellowship cohort that enters the following fall.  Those who are chosen as fellows engage in a holistic experience comprising two consecutive semesters of specialized activities, educational programming, and skill development to learn about ethical leadership and advocating for important issues. Fellows take nine credits of coursework focusing on leadership, policy, advocacy, and social change.

School of Public Policy Student Research Travel Support

This fund increases student participation at professional meetings and orients them early in their careers to see themselves as active scholars and researchers by supporting up to half the travel and related expenses of public policy students who present papers (including poster sessions) at scholarly or professional conferences. These experiences strengthen the relationship between students and faculty, enhance job opportunities for students and foster a stronger sense of the school as a community of scholars and practitioners dedicated to public policy.

Millard E. Tydings Regents Fellowship Award

Created in the memory of the late Senator Millard E. Tydings, this fellowship supports a public policy graduate student each year to further his life-long dedication to public and civil service. 

Green Fellowship in Environmental Policy

Created by the Green Fund, the Green Fellowship supports public policy students with an interest in environmental policy and mitigating climate change. Recipients utilize this award to help offset costs associated with internships, tuition, or study abroad opportunities. By focusing on their studies in and out of the classroom, they are able to make the most of the faculty and experiences SPP has to offer those interested in environmental policy.

Susan Schwab Fellowship Fund

Named after former School of Public Policy Dean, Ambassador Susan Schwab, this fund provides fellowship support for students in internships that provide exposure to international issues. 

Robert L. Mitchell Leadership Scholarship Fund

Created in honor or Robert L. Mitchell `59, the Leadership Scholarship Fund supports undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Public Policy on a merit basis. 

Alexander & Cleaver Fellowship Award

Alexander & Cleaver Law Firm established this fund to provide financial assistance to outstanding students enrolled in the School of Public Policy that possess strong leadership skills. 

Catherine M. Kelleher Fellowship Fund for International Security Studies

The Catherine M. Kelleher Fellowship for International Security Studies will support an exceptional graduate student pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy. The award will be open to any student studying international security policy broadly defined, but will give special consideration to students interested in cooperative approaches to reducing nuclear risks and addressing other security challenges in U.S.-Europrean relations, an approach that Professor Kelleher championed as a scholar, government official and a policy practitioner.