Taking Individual Classes

Students who wish to take individual courses at the Maryland School of Public Policy may do so by applying to the University of Maryland for Advanced Special Student status. This is a non-degree seeking status for students who meet the University's admissions criteria. To find out more detailed information and to apply as a Non-Degree Student, simply click here

Degree code: GRAD

Submit necessary documentation (transcripts, test scores, etc.- see above link to program)

Once a favorable decision has been made, please contact the School of Public Policy Office of Student Affairs at policy-studentaffairs@umd.edu to request permission to register for our PLCY classes.  Be sure to include your name, UID, class name and number, and the section number to request permission to register for our PLCY classes. Priority is given to our current students, however, every effort will be made to accommodate your requests.

Should you decide to apply to our degree program at a later date, you may request to include up to twelve credits earned as an Advanced Special Student in your Plan of Study. These courses must be less than five years old at the time of graduation.