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The Policy Exchange

The Policy Exchange is a monthly blog focusing on various topics related to policy and policymaking. Serving as a way to facilitate policy discussion, this blog features posts from UMD School of Public Policy Dean Robert C. Orr, PhD and guest posts from other policy experts. Any media inquiries and questions can be sent to policy-comm@umd.edu.

Policy Indonesia 2016
Follow Public Policy students as they explore the complex systemic interconnections of decentralization policy; poverty reduction; environmentally destructive agricultural and extractive industry practices, particularly those leading to deforestation; governance and implementation of new environmental policies; Indonesia’s role in climate change (emissions due particularly to deforestation and burning) and the mitigation and adaptation policies Indonesia seeks to formulate and implement.

Policy Morocco 2015
Follow Public Policy students as they focus specifically on topics of leadership to advance human rights, security, and development in a changing environment. Students will consider a public leadership perspective emphasizing citizenship and civic engagement while in Morocco. They will also explore Morrocan culture and society, as well as the role of religion in Moroccon society, the women;'s and Amazigh movements, the political process and efforts to democratize Moroccan society and the Moroccan economy.

Policy Peru 2015

This blog is written by participants in The University of Maryland School of Public Policy Peru 2015 course trip, Sustainable Development, Environmental Policy, and Human Rights in Peru. The Director and professor of the course is Tom Hilde. Lindsay Ahlman is Assistant Director.

Policy Israel & Jordan 2014
The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership is thrilled to announce that we are developing a new Global Philanthropy Program.  The Global Philanthropy Program will generate a new caliber of students while strengthening the capacity of NGOs around the globe.

The Art and Science of Philanthropy
This blog chronicles the student experience during a semester taking The Art and Science of Philanthropy: Leading and Investing in Social Change.   The course defines philanthropy as an exploration of how one develops a vision of the public good and then deploys resources (including donations, volunteers, and voluntary associations) to achieve an impact.

Strategic Management for Nonprofit & Public Organizations
Serving as a successful leader for a nonprofit or public organization of any kind requires an understanding of the strategic management process, as a well-developed and managed strategy is a key to an organization’s performance. This course provides an integrated approach to leading theories and concepts, research, and modern practices related to strategic planning and execution.