Dual-Degree Programs

Students may pursue their MBA, JD, Master of Science in Sustainable Development & Conservation Biology (MS), or Bachelor's (BA) degree at the same time they are pursuing their Master of Public Policy (MPP) degree. The key advantage of enrolling in one of these dual programs versus pursuing each degree separately is that some courses may be counted towards both programs, thus reducing the time and cost of obtaining these degrees. Another advantage is that mingling courses from both programs makes it easier for students to understand the connections between the two fields. Finally, the School of Public Policy will accept the entrance exam scores for the non-MPP degree in lieu of GRE scores, thus eliminating the need to take two entrance exams.

To be admitted to a dual program, students must apply separately to each program, requesting in each case admission to the dual program. Each school then decides independently whether to admit an applicant and what financial support, if any, to offer. If admitted to both programs, the applicant is deemed to have been admitted into the dual program (though the student may still choose at any point to in fact only enter and/or complete one of the two programs). If admitted by only one school, the student may opt to enroll in that individual program.


While pursuing their MPP degree, students may also pursue their MBA at the University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business in College Park, conveniently located in the same building as the School of Public Policy. The MPP normally requires 48 credits and the MBA normally requires 54 credits. Due to the ability to count many courses toward both programs, students need only complete 66 credits in total (33 credits in each program) to receive both degrees, a savings of 36 credits! Instead of four years, students can get both degrees in only three years! SPP is happy to accept an MPP/MBA applicant's Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) scores in lieu of GRE scores.


Students who wish to obtain both an MPP from SPP and a JD degree from the University of Maryland Law School (located in Baltimore, Maryland) may do so simultaneously at a substantially reduced cost. This is made possible by the ability of students in the dual program to count any 9 credits of courses taken at one institution as electives towards their other degree, and vice versa. This reduces the total number of required credits from 132 credits to 114 credits (75 at the law school, 39 credits at MSPP). SPP is happy to accept an MPP/JD applicant's Law School Admission Test (LSAT) scores in lieu of GRE scores.

Due to the different program locations, different time schedules, and the usual financial aid requirement of full-time status at the campus awarding financial aid, students typically spend their first two semesters focusing exclusively on one program, their third and fourth semesters focusing exclusively on the second program, the fifth and sixth semesters focusing exclusively on the law program (due to its larger credit requirements), and their seventh semester focusing exclusively on their policy studies. The final semester is split between the two campuses to meet each campus's requirement that the student be registered on campus in the semester that they graduate. To ensure that they are able to take required courses as needed, students are advised at the start of the dual program to map out a specific course plan in consultation with their advisor.


The dual bachelor's/master's program enables qualified University of Maryland students to earn both their BA and their MPP in five years or less by counting up to 18 credits of their public policy graduate courses towards both degrees. Most students apply to the program at the end of their sophomore year to be part of the program as of their senior year. The BA/MPP dual program is only available to students pursuing one or most of the undergraduate majors offered through the University's College of Behavioral and Social Sciences. For more information on the program, please click HERE.  You may access the application by clicking on the following link: PDF icon BA/MPP