PLCY 100 Foundations of Public Policy (3): A survey course, focusing on public policy institutions and analytical issues as well as on overview of key public policy problems. Students will be introduced to public policy as a discipline, with a brief overview of the actors and institutions involved in the process, and familiarize themselves with the kinds of problems typically requiring public action. The course will examine these problems from a multijurisdictional and multisectoral perspective. Specific policy areas examined include education policy, health policy, economic and budgetary policy, criminal justice policy, environmental policy, and national and homeland security policy. The course should permit students to have broad foundational exposure to the field that will give them a solid base for more advanced courses.

PLCY 101 Great Thinkers on Public Policy (3): Introduction to the intellectual foundations of public policy, from ancient theories on collective public action through the more contemporary development of public policy as a discipline. This may start as early as the ancient Greek philosophers and their views on public action through contemporary classics of public policy. Emphasis will be on the interdisciplinary foundations of public policy, through examining core disciplinary contributions from economics, political science, management, philosophy, and other relevant disciplines. At the conclusion of the course, students will have read classic works in the field and will master the key themes that have dominated the intellectual debates about public policy over its history. 

PLCY 201 Leadership for the Common Good (3) This course is designed to provide undergraduate students an introduction to leadership theory and a chance to practice a core set of practical skills relevant to transformational and collaborative leadership.

PLCY 214 Leading and Investing in Social Change: Re-defining and Experimenting with Philanthropy (3) Defines philanthropy as an exploration of how one develops a vision of the public good and then deploys resources (including donations, volunteers, and voluntary associations) to achieve an impact.

PLCY 215 Innovation and Social Change: Creating Change for Good (3) A team-based, highly interactive and dynamic course that provides an opportunity for students to generate solutions to a wide range of problems facing many communities today. Students in the iGIVE Program will deepen their understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation practices by creating and implementing projects or ventures that address an issue of their choosing while learning topics such as communications, project management, teamwork, leadership, fundraising, project sustainability and next steps in social change.

PLCY 301 Sustainability (3) Designed for students whose academic majors would be enhanced by the complementary study of a widely shared but hard-to-operationalize aspiration: that present choices should preserve or improve future options rather than foreclose or degrade them. How should we understand sustainability? How might we achieve it? How would we know if we had achieved it? And how could sustainability activists of a rising generation lead by example?

PLCY 302 Leadership: Philosophy, Policy and Praxis (3) Leadership as a search for meaning, identity and purpose are explored. Also introduces major philosophical traditions, from the ancient world to the modern one, and encourages students to ground their leadership interests and aspirations in a disciplined process of self-reflection, critical thinking and inquiry.

PLCY 311 Women in Leadership (3) Examines the role of women in the leadership process including the participation of women as activists, voters, advocates, public leaders and as agents of change through various avenues including, among others, public service (elected and appointed), the media, community service, political organizations, and the nonprofit sector.

PLCY 312 Leading to Get Results (3) Students will have an opportunity to learn and use results-based leadership competencies to take actions that will make a measurable difference in an issue affecting the student and/or university community.

PLCY 313 Advocacy in the American Political System (3) Introduces students to the creation of law through the legislative process with a special focus on the Maryland General Assembly.

PLCY 315 Intelligence As a National Security Instrument (3) Examines the role of intelligence in US national security policy. Topics will include the post WWII history of US intelligence, the current structure of the US intelligence community, the intelligence cycle, covert action, interrogation and intelligence, counterintelligence and cybersecurity.

PLCY 338 Academic Seminar for Interns: Federal and International (3) Students read, discuss, analyze, and write about topics in political and public policy leadership, and leadership studies.

PLCY 339 Internship in Political Institutions: Federal and International (3-6) Offers students supervised internship placements in federal and international political or public policy organizations.

PLCY 348 Academic Seminar for Interns: State and Local (3) Students read, discuss, analyze, and write about topics in political and public policy leadership, and leadership studies.

PLCY 349 Internship in Political Institutions: State and Local (3-6) Offers students supervised internship placements in state and local political or public policy organizations.

PLCY 359 Contemporary Issues in Political Leadership and Participation (3) Special topics in political leadership and participation.

PLCY 368 Internship in Community Service Organizations (3-6) Offers students supervised placements in non-profit community organizations.

PLCY 386 Experiential Learning (3-6) Prerequisite: Permission of PLCY-School of Public Policy. Repeatable to 12 credits if content differs.

PLCY 388 Special Topics in Public Policy (1-3) Advanced special topics focusing on an interdisciplinary topic related to Public Policy.

PLCY 396 Fellowship Program in Political Leadership (2-6) Must be enrolled in the full-time fellowship program. Individual instruction course.

PLCY 398 Fellowship Program in Political Leadership (3-6) Must be enrolled in the full-time fellowship program.

PLCY 399 Directed Study in Public Policy (1-6) Guidance for the advanced student capable on interdisciplinary study on special projects under the supervision of faculty.