In the School of Public Policy, we offer programs that engage students not only in the classroom, but in the surrounding community, State and the world. Experiential learning enhances students’ ability to serve and lead and gain practical and valuable skills for the workplace.

The Public Leadership Program in College Park Scholars explores the theory and practice of leadership, empowering students to become social change agents through hands-on public service projects and examination of pressing social, political, and economic issues.

The iGIVE program, part of the Carillon Community, provides first-year students an opportunity to live together while taking one class their first and second semesters at the University. Students learn about the effective approaches, entrepreneurial skills, and leadership required to achieve social impact.

The prestigious Rawlings Undergraduate Leadership Fellows Program honors the legacy of Howard Peters “Pete” Rawlings and the work he did as a Maryland delegate. Participants in the Fellows program are provided multiple opportunities-- both academic and experiential-- to grow as ethical leaders and become champions for those whose voices may otherwise go unheard in the leadership and decision-making process.

Public Leadership Internship Program (PLIP) provides up to six credits for a public leadership-related internship and is open to students across campus. Participants learn critical workforce skills, make important professional connections, and build their resume for graduate school or jobs. Additionally, students contribute to making the world a better place by exercising public leadership skills and increasing the capacity of organizations that do important work.