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The University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy Career Services hots a site visit program to expose students to career opportunities off campus at employer locations. Students will meet employees and representatives from top organizations and companies in the field of public policy to better understand the practical application of their public policy degree.

Calendar Events and signup:

Most site visits will be limited from 8-10 students with a deadline for signing up 5 business days before the site visit. Please note visits require a great deal of preparation, so students signing up will not be permitted to cancel without a compelling reason.

For Students:

Student Expectations:

Students who wish to participate in the Site Visit Program will be required to adhere to the following policies:

1.      Participants must be in good standing at the University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy.

  • Participants must be public policy students
  • Participants who previously signed up for Career Service events and failed to attend will not be eligible without special permission.  

2.      Professional dress code must be strictly followed.

  • Unless otherwise stated, a minimum of business casual. If you are not sure, consult with Bryan Kempton at bkempton@umd.edu or Tricia Arndts at tarndts@umd.edu

3.      Preparedness

  • Students are expected to do a basic amount of background research on the organization or company. This includes a general idea of their functions, mission goals, and role in public policy. Being prepared shows employers you take their organization seriously.

4.      Punctuality

  • Participants are expected to arrive at any site visit at least 15 minutes early to meet the rest of the group. Several site visits will require using public transportation including the DC Metro.  You should be aware of SafeTrack delays and closures throughout the school year and plan accordingly. Delays for the DC Metro can be found here.

5.      Behavior

  • Participants must recognize that when visiting potential employers, it is critical to act in a polite and professional manner. This includes paying attention, not chewing gum, not texting, not taking photos without permission, and not using cellphones while on site. Remember you are not just representing yourself, but the university as a whole.

6.      Cancellation Policy

  • Space is limited for site visit events so you MUST attend if you sign up. Failure to attend will suspend you from participation in any future site visits, and may limit your access to other Career Service resources.
  • If an emergency arises that makes it impossible for you too attend, you must notify Career Services immediately to prevent suspension from future activities.


In an attempt to help relieve some of the burden of being a student, Career Services is offering transportation subsidies for travel to and from site visits. This includes covering Metro fare or fuel subsidies depending on where the organization/company is located. If needed, Career Services may be able to organize a carpool to the site. If you are using the Metro, you should be aware of SafeTrack delays and closures throughout the school year. Delays for the DC Metro can be found here.


For Prospective Organizations and Companies:

The University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy Career Services Site Visit is when UMD students are brought to various organizations, and companies in order to expose both students to various employment opportunities, but also to improve organization’s access to highly skilled, and motivated policy professionals living in the DC metropolitan area. Organizations that do have openings or internship opportunities are encouraged to promote them to perspective applicants, however the purpose of the site visit is not necessarily recruitment, but rather to build strong and continuous contact between students and organizations in the field of public policy.


While every site may vary, the site visit program will generally last 2-3 hours for 8-10 students and could include, but is not limited to the following:

  • An overview of what the organization does and what its daily operation looks like
  • A meet-and-greet with those working in the policy field for students to learn about their work and the working environment of their organization
  •  A presentation on the organization’s role in public policy
  • A brief tour of their office or worksite
  • Advice on how to apply to a position within an organization and first-hand accounts from presenters regarding how they obtained their current positions

Organizations wishing to host UMD public Policy students should contact Career Services and Alumni Relations at bkempton@umd.edu or by phone at 301-405-4845.