International Career Club

The International Career Club at the Maryland School of Public Policy (MSPP) is a student-organized association that provides career services for the unique career needs of international students.  With the support of the Office of Career Services and Alumni Relations, the goals of the club include:

  • Equipping international students with the tools to be more competitive in today’s internationalized, team-oriented, and multicultural job market.
  • Building future leaders empowered to build collaboration through enhanced communication techniques and networking skills while effectively representing the strengths of their unique multicultural background.

The leadership of the International Career Club seeks to build continuity among each incoming class of students.  Student leaders facilitate activities that address the special needs of international students including multicultural workshops on resume writing and interview skills and training seminars given by experts on cross-cultural communication and networking skills.  International Career Club members meet on a regular basis to network with other students who share similar experiences and challenges. 

If you are interested in becoming part of the International Career Club or receiving more information regarding upcoming events or programs, contact C. Bryan Kempton, Director, Office of Career Services and Alumni Relations.