Nonprofit Leadership and Social Innovation

An undergraduate academic curriculum in philanthropy began in the School of Public Policy with the development of new courses in which students learn about effective philanthropy and manage their own philanthropic investment fund. Through partnerships across campus, hundreds of students participate in courses through which they award grants worth thousands of dollars to effective Maryland nonprofits, propose policy solutions to community challenges, and learn how to launch nonprofits and companies with a social impact. Today, the School of Public Policy offers a Major in Public Policy with a Focus in Nonprofit Leadership and Social Innovation and a Minor in Nonprofit Leadership in Social Innovation that is open to any major on campus. 

Our newest Minor in Nonprofit Leadership and Social Innovation is built on hands-on learning and heightens students’ awareness of local, national and global issues and examines different approaches to social impact. Students study the role of the nonprofit, NGO, and social sector, as well as social innovation, leadership, and the skills required for effective nonprofit management. This minor is open to all undergrads on campus, regardless of major. Students who want to take a deeper dive, can pursue the Major in Public Policy with a focus on Nonprofit Leadership and Social Innovation.

The Minor in Nonprofit Leadership and Social Innovation will provide the opportunity for every student, regardless of major, to learn the skills of philanthropy, social change leadership, and nonprofit leadership to create positive social impact for our communities, state, and world.

Students interested in registering for the Major or Minor should contact plcyundergrad@umd.edu