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Living Learning Programs

The Institute supports two important living learning programs at the School and the University.

Public Leadership

The Public Leadership Program is a two-year, living-learning program whose mission is to develop social change agents who provide ethically-based leadership from the local to the global level. The first-year colloquium (titled CPPL101) is hands-on, allowing students to choose two social issues across three work groups: write grant proposals on behalf of prospective nonprofit recipients; fundraise to augment the class’s grant of $5,000; and craft real policy proposals to pitch to public and nonprofit officials in the county. The Public Leadership program is moving students through the process of inspiration to innovation and transformation. Students are provided with multiple educational experiences and a toolkit of skills in philanthropy and policy that ensures they are prepared to make the maximum impact possible.


The iGive living-learning program, launched in partnership with the Office of Undergraduate Studies, similarly exhibits the proposed Institute's core values and approach. First-year students live together and take two signature undergraduate philanthropy courses. Over the course of the year, the students learn how to think strategically about philanthropy and identify the qualities of high-impact nonprofits. Through running a philanthropic fund, the students develop a deeper understanding of the needs of the greater DC area and the opportunities to make a difference. By participating in the Do Good Challenge, all iGIVE students heighten their belief in their own ability to make positive change and learned how to develop, plan, fundraise, market, and measure a social action project.