3 Course Meal
For busy, price-sensitive college students, 3 Course Meal is a nutrient rich and wholesome on-the-go meal.

Project Description

We are targeting college students who are price sensitive. College Park is a food desert, and there are students here who have a hard time getting consistent, nutritious, and cheap meals. Our goal is to assist in solving that problem with our product. Our initial idea was to provide low priced and bulk groceries and pre-cooked meals to students who lack means to getting enough food in terms of not having proper transportation and funds. Recently, due to competition that we have identified in that area of the market, we have pivoted to providing a meal in a snack bar format, as we see have identified an opening in the market there. Yes, there are healthy snack bars like KIND and Cliff, and yes there are cheap options for quick, accessible, and filling meals at places like McDonalds, but we have not identified anyone creating both healthy--nutritious and filling--and cheap food options. This is where 3 Course Meal comes in. Our product is an actual meal replacement in a 3 part bar format that students can get from vending machines individually on the way to class in central campus locations or in bulk in convenience stores like the Union Shop and online on Amazon.

Team Members

Elizabeth Childs
Emily Gross
Harry Huntley
Chris Behram

Social Issue/Cause

Food Access

Type of Activities

Social Innovation/Social Entrepreneurship