Algal Terp Scrubber
The AEES will enhance public understanding of water pollution management by constructing an Algal Turf Scrubber living laboratory at the Terrapin Trail parking garage with a sitting area and informational signs.

Project Description

The American Ecological Society, the Environment Technology & Economy Scholars Program, and the academic Environmental Science department at the University of Maryland have formed a team that will engineer and install a fully operational algal turf scrubber (ATS) on campus. The purpose of the ATS is to filter stormwater runoff from a bioretention pond, which will exactly mitigate the impervious surface area of a nearby parking garage. The nutrients in the runoff will allow algae to photosynthesize, removing the eutrophication-causing toxins from the water, reducing hypoxia, and creating a resource for university professors’ innovative algal-usage research. Additionally, the area will include benches and an informational sign to educate the public on stormwater management and university algae progress. The terrace will be comparable to a water garden with a peaceful, quiet atmosphere, augmented by the rhythmic splashing of the Algal Turf Scrubber. This relaxing garden area will draw in foot traffic and allow passerby to become familiar with sustainability technology developments at the University of Maryland.

Team Members

William Jacob Mast
Annabelle Arnold
Emily Goo
Samantha Francis
Miriam Tasker
Joseph Garner
Trang Le
Matthew Lagomarsino
Brandon Lang
Denise Alving
Ramya Srinivasan
Calvin Lynn
Aaron Valenti
Victoria Lee
Justan Randolph
Andrew Cunningham
Alexander Scheine
Austin Byrd
Lindsey Connoly
Morgan Doherty

Social Issue/Cause

Sustainability Education

Type of Activities