Team will use innovative techniques to enhance the relationships that prince geroge's county students have with math, thus improving graduation rates and economic value in the 21st century economy.

Project Description

Prince Geroge’s County has been experiencing years of indecent graduation rates, and many of the students that do manage to graduate are not even truly qualified for graduation and subsequently perform poor in college. A big factor encouraging this phenomenon is Prince George's County student’s ineptitude at algebra. Our team's plan is to create an economically viable service that makes use of a mentorship system and an engaging show-and-tell methodology, in order to improve the algebra abilities of high schoolers in Prince George's County. The mentorship system will be composed of mentor sets, which includes an upperclassman mentor who has done well in his math classes and a few students/ mentees. The mentor’s job would be to facilitate different processes of the service (mainly show-and tell) for his mentees and to also provide extra help and encouragement to individual mentees for special important events, like a math test. The show-and-tell methodology provides an alternative manner in which students can learn and reinforce math concepts. This method consists of mentor sets being provided with a somewhat challenging algebra problem and the mentees of the group being invited to work on the problem with a partner and argue for their solution in their mentor set. To enhance algebra abilities, our service plans to target two main aspects of the student's relationship with math. The first aspect is confidence. Many students begin to label themselves as "not a math person" once they reach the algebra level math. Although, high abstract math is intellectually tasking to some degree, algebra is a simple enough subject for anyone to be at least decent at it, but when students decide that they aren't mathematically inclined enough to know algebra mentally restrict themselves from reaching their potential. Thus, our services’ focus on confidence would aid in improving future test scores. The second aspect that we are targeting is engagement. The statement, math is boring is as common as it is wrong. Math is a symphony riddled with the pitches of genuinely childlike human imagination. Our team plans to use a show and tell methodology to increase the engagement that students have with the subject from the traditional lecture system. naturally our stakeholders for this project are the students, parents, and many other parts of the PGC community.

Team Members

Amby Agubuzo
Mariah Jordan
Peter Feeney
Kyle Scarlis
Cole Lahmann

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