We hope to support veteran owned businesses, re-employ veterans, and bring awareness to common issues that veterans face returning to civilian life.

Project Description

American veterans returning to civilian life face many obstacles and challenges. Oftentimes they lack the necessary support, and succumb to the consequences of improperly treated mental illness. This has led to a higher than average rate of suicide and unemployment. First and foremost, we hope to provide jobs to veterans who are currently unemployed. Second, we hope to raise awareness of the issues veterans face every day. Third we want to support veteran owned and run business ventures. We would like to employ 20 veterans within 2 years, grow our partners profits by 5-10%, and donate 25% percent of the profit gained through shared marketing. Through Americrate, we hope to give veterans in the entrepreneurship field a wider market reach, as well as employ veterans who are currently struggling to find jobs. Each one of our Americrates will include an informational pamphlet containing stories of veterans returning to civilian life, especially those of our employees and partners. The population we will be targeting are veterans, current military members, government employees, and families of veterans. These populations already support veterans, and would be predisposed to helping them as much as possible. We will include promotions and discounts to active duty military members, as well as veterans. We are hoping to obtain partnerships with veteran-owned companies, and feature their products in our basket. We also hope to partner with organizations such as the Wounded Warrior Project, AMVETS, and the Veterans affairs office, where a percentage of profits acquired through their networks will be shared with the organization. We will be working with organizations that support veterans currently, as well as general military and government organizations. We will also try to partner with large corporations who have continually showed their support to veterans and the American military such as Northrop Grumman. Our project will start hyper locally, in areas where the current veteran population is well above the average.

Team Members

Tojo Rabemananjara
Nathan Wagener
Xavier Phelps
Somya Padliya

Social Issue/Cause

veteran’s readjustment to civilian life

Type of Activities

Advocacy/Awareness, Social Innovation/Social Entrepreneurship