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Camp Kesem at University of Maryland
Camp Kesem at University of Maryland works to provide a free week long summer camp for kids whose parents have been affected by cancer.

Project Description

Camp Kesem at University of Maryland works to provide year round support to kids whose parents have been affected by cancer. The main project is a free week summer camp for the kids, with added support like packages and letters throughout the year. The camp is funded directly through grants and fundraisers, and it is completely free of charge for the children to attend the camp. Any transportation, supplies, or accommodations needed by the children will be met to ensure they can go to camp regardless of their background and their personal situations. Camp Kesem gives these kids the greatest week of their lives! We have so much fun with awesome games, fun activities like paddle boarding and archery, and amazing counselors supporting the campers every single day. Giving these kids a community of support is crucial for them to grow up not feeling alone facing a parent's cancer. Children are directly affected when a parent is diagnosed with cancer, and very little support exists for this population. Camp Kesem gives them their childhood back and shows them that together we can make it through anything! It also gives their family a week of rest, which for some parents going through chemo can be an incredible help. The children come home happier and feeling less alone, even helping out their family and friends indirectly. Our camp this summer will be at Camp St. Charles in Newburg, MD. The organization is completely planned and run by students at University of Maryland. Every counselor and coordinator are passionate student leaders from UMD. A professional nurse and mental health professional are hired to provide professional support at the camp to ensure the kids are safe and sound. By giving them a community of support, Camp Kesem truly is changing these kids' lives.

Team Members

Devin Cain
Alexander Tran
Robin Bachkosky
Jordyn Walker
Jordan Babin

Social Issue/Cause

Children Affected by Parent's Cancer

Type of Activities

Fundraising/Giving/Philanthropy, Volunteering/Service/Service-Learning, Advocacy/Awareness, Community Organizing