CompuTerps will rebuild broken down computers and donate them to students who cannot afford them and who want to learn.

Project Description

CompuTerps is a student organization that focuses on building computers, discussing new technological innovations and demonstrates and teaches activities such as CPU Overclocking, CPU cooling and Crypto-mining. Our goal as an organization is to teach our members to build computers and play around with the working of parts like the CPU and GPU, so that our members may be more aware of the steps of building a computer system or overclocking that system. CompuTerps will buy old broken down or un-usable computers and build them up using cheap parts we can buy on resell websites such as Ebay. We will then either sell or donate these computers to families that cannot afford to buy a new system so that students interested in computers and who want to learn to code can have a fair chance to do so. Our venture is perfect because this way, our students not only get to learn when we actually build these computers but by donating these computers, we give someone who cannot afford it the opportunity to learn. The way it will work is, we will either have camps where people can come and buy their first computer or a website that can be used by students to apply for a computer, as we cannot build too many at a time, we will also have to restrict the number of applicants we get. However, with the right capital, we can improve the scale of our project and help many more. The goal of our project is to be able to resourcefully donate computers to the community so that more students may learn and develop the world. The change our project will provide will mainly be to education. The members of our organization learn to build computers and overclock them. The students we donate these computers to get the opportunity to learn more through the use of our systems. Our target population will be the people in and around College Park, Maryland as our organization is based on the University of Maryland campus, we cannot as of now deliver to location too far from us. This venture will help tons of kids in and around our community learn and educate themselves so that they too may one day join a university and start a student organization that will help others in the community.

Team Members

Vaibhav Khetan
Aaron Shimanov
Pranav Kulkarni

Social Issue/Cause


Type of Activities

Fundraising/Giving/Philanthropy, Social Innovation/Social Entrepreneurship