conquer.ed aims to improve educational outcomes for pediatric patients by helping them stay on grade level and by providing a sense of normalcy.

Project Description

The social issue we aim to tackle is education inequality between hospitalized children and their healthy peers. conquer.ed has two major goals: 1) Increase the ease of access to personalized educational materials for students residing at Children’s National Hospital (Children’s). and 2) Provide a sense of normalization for the students that our system affects. The beneficiaries of this program will be patients in Children’s that currently do not have the educational resources to stay up to date in their classroom setting. The benefit will be to have a simple web application interface that children, teachers, parents, and educational specialists can all use. Through this website, teachers will be able to upload lesson plans/lectures, parents will be able to access these educational resources to potentially help their child, educational specialist will have a simple form of connection between the teachers to get complete educational materials from schools. The child will benefit by having a streamlined process in which they can access and learn material that would otherwise be missed during school in order to stay up to date with educational outcomes.

Team Members

Ashwin Suryavanshi
Chris Luthers
Satrio Hadianto Joyowidarbo
Peggy Liang
Elizabeth Nemerovski
Cameryn Cole

Social Issue/Cause


Type of Activities

Social Innovation/Social Entrepreneurship