Conservation Nation
"We aim to educate and spread consumption awareness on the UMD campus."

Project Description

There is a divide today between the consumer and the consequences of consumption. As, a result, people continue to unconsciously generate waste. We aim to combat this by bridging the divide with direct visual feedback of the consequences in the form of a cumulative waste counter on trash cans and a cumulative recycling counter on recycle bins. The counter will cause consumers to visualize their waste thus making them mindful of their consumption and aiming to reduce it. Our intuition originates from the water bottle counters we see around campus. When we fill our bottles we see the counter at such a large number and realize that our waste adds up and everything we do contributes to a bigger picture. Our goal is to take this same intuition and apply it to waste bins/recycle bins to provide the same consumption awareness mechanism that the water bottle counters provide us. Our target population is the UMD student body or anyone using trash/recycle bins on the campus. Our first goal is to implement an MVP (minimum viable product) as our first stage with a simple counter mechanism and from there increase the mechanism's portability and ability to stay powered with solar power. Our location of operation will be the College Park area (the UMD campus specifically). We currently have no partners but are in the process of searching for help with engineering our prototype for testing on a few bins at first.

Team Members

Dan Israel-Meyer
Lance Einfeld
Chad Nislow
Benyam Ephrem

Social Issue/Cause


Type of Activities