Continuum aims to help senior citizens with deteriorating physical abilities age in their homes by connecting them with student volunteers to create meaningful relationships and community.

Project Description

Currently, in the United States there are 49 million adults over the age of 65. These people are sometimes the most overlooked population as they begin to age and lose their physical ability of doing day to day tasks. Even basic home maintenance can pose as a dangerous threat to many senior citizens who live on their own. The goals of Continuum is to connect senior citizens who live alone with deteriorating physical ability to young students who will help those seniors with home maintenance tasks. The students will also have a volunteer rewards program where volunteer hours correlate to points that can be used at partner corporations for discounts and deals. Through this we hope to build meaningful relationships for the students and seniors within their community and also provide the seniors with a way to age in their homes. Our target market is American citizens over the age of 65 who live on their own. These people want to continue to live as independently as possible with their declining health. Within the population of adults over the age of 65 living alone, we plan on targeting U.S. senior populations of higher income who have connection to internet and are more tech savvy. We first plan on targeting Baltimore communities in order to test our model, from there we will target “Rust Belt” cities of America that have highest percentage of adults over the age of 65 and eventually move to more suburban areas. Key partners include, schools where we would recruit students, community centers that would help us advertise to senior citizens, and businesses that would allow for students to exchange volunteer points for discounts at their stores.

Team Members

Fiona Whitefield

Social Issue/Cause

Senior citizens with deteriorating physical abilities aging at home

Type of Activities

Volunteering/Service/Service-Learning, Social Innovation/Social Entrepreneurship