Our venture, cs.life, aspires to cultivate within beginning Computer Science students a lifelong passion for the field outside of the classroom through training in logic and programming techniques.

Project Description

The Computer Science (CS) program at the University of Maryland has an issue - Introductory classes that aren't so introductory, creating a disparity between those with and without prior programming experience, and overwhelming students who would otherwise be passionate about Computer Science. In a survey of over 50 Computer Science majors at the University of Maryland, the average perceived difficulty rating for those without prior programming experience was a 4.3/5 and 24% of students advocated for increased support for new Computer Science majors without prior experience. In a similar survey of non-CS majors, 50% of those interested in the major cited their lack of programming experience as the reason for staying away from the major. cs.life plans to address this issue, creating an environment in which students interested in the major can be successful, regardless of their background. We will do so by providing videos and other content to help those struggling with Computer Science curriculum, eventually expanding to create a UMD club centered around learning Computer Science, as well as providing 1-on-1 tutoring services. Though the current Computer Science program might be daunting, cs.life is looking to putting new life into the program and create equal opportunity for all.

Team Members

Jonathan Taylor
Eric Festa
Michelle Hu
Gunleen Deol
Matt Schaefer

Social Issue/Cause

Computer Science Education

Type of Activities

Social Innovation/Social Entrepreneurship