Cycling for Success
Cycling for Success aims to help elementary school students improve focus and academic performance through the implementation of stationary pedals beneath their desks.

Project Description

Elementary aged children have a seemingly inexhaustible amount of energy. While they are given recess as a way to get their exercise and expend some of this energy, it often isn't enough. Furthermore, during the days when the weather doesn't permit outside play, the students have no way of dissipating their energy. This can become a hindrance during the school-day. With no outlet for energy, it can be difficult for them to stay focused during class. They may begin to zone out or fidget within their seats. This can become a distraction for not just themselves, but others as well. Cycling for Success aims to alleviate this issue in elementary schools through the implementation of stationary pedals beneath desks. The pedals allow the students to better channel their focus, in turn improving their academic performance. We are reaching out to local schools within the area.

Team Members

Alex Edejer
Sabrina Eason
Vincent McNeil

Social Issue/Cause

Student Health/Wellness

Type of Activities