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DASH (Defense Against Sexual Harrassement
We are going tocreate a class geared towards empowering women on campus

Project Description

As a University, there have been many attempts to address the issue of Sexual Harrassment on campus. However, it is a common beleif that these attempts have been mostly unsuccessful in really facilitating a feeling of safety on campus. DASH (Defense Against Sexual Harrassment) is dedicated to start a self defense class in order to create a heightened sense of community within the female student body, as well as, teaching women basic skills to boost confidence levels. Our overall goal is to empower women to feel more comfortable travelling on campus. Although preventing sexual assault would be phenomenal, we understand that there are many factors that are present in issues like these, therefore, we have decided to take a very specific route in order to facilitate overall success.

Team Members

Ivan Carlo
Matt Chazin
Sophia Alexander
Gabi Waneh

Social Issue/Cause

Sexual Harrassment on Campus

Type of Activities

Advocacy/Awareness, Community Organizing