Data Dove
To create a cloud-based data management service that enables large international development organizations to integrate financial and programmatic data to perform cost-per-output analysis.

Project Description

Across large nonprofit organizations, financial data and programmatic data are kept entirely separate, making it very difficult for an organization to measure cost-per-output of a particular program or sub-recipient. Our organization seeks to create a platform that can integrate the existing systems that manage financial and programmatic data in international development nonprofits with revenues exceeding $100 million per year. Rather than having to manually analyze this data in excel on a case-by-case basis, our system will enable organizations to automatically generate cost-per-output reports for internal evaluation and for reporting to grantors and non-profit rating organizations such as Guidestar.

Team Members

Adam Sarsony
Shawn Linzer
Jessica Rosenthal
Brianna Ho

Social Issue/Cause

Nonprofit Efficiency

Type of Activities

Social Innovation/Social Entrepreneurship