DripServ will design and manufacture custom shower curtains with visually appealing graphics and information regarding water conservation to reduce students' water usage in dorm hall showers.

Project Description

DripServ is tailored toward solving the social issue of water waste on college campuses, particularly in dorm hall showers. Likewise, this product is intended to encourage water conservation among students and lower the average shower time of the dorm hall resident population at UMD by supplying pertinent and convincing information regarding water conservation on shower curtains. In effect, the beneficiaries of our product will include the University of Maryland due to the amount of water savings made after installing our curtains, as well as the University of Maryland students and staff as a result of the greater funding that can be put toward acquiring other resources for the university. Our shower curtains are to be administered in all UMD residence halls, so we intend to partner with UMD's ResLife to coordinate the installation of our shower curtains. Other community partners include our local supplier, as well as local graphic designers who are willing to provide visually appealing designs for our curtains. Finally, our stakeholders include the UMD staff, students, and resident life personnel.

Team Members

Stone Heyman

Social Issue/Cause

Water conservation

Type of Activities

Advocacy/Awareness, Social Innovation/Social Entrepreneurship