E flow
Team E flow aims to recapture underutilized mechanical energy from water to provide convenient access to renewable energy for students on campus.

Project Description

Team E flow aims to implement water-based energy generation systems in order to improve the efficiency of existing electrical systems while simultaneously providing improved access to electricity outdoors. We aim to accomplish this by adapting currently available hydroelectric generators to campus fountains, eventually expanding to water pipes and other artificial waterways both within and beyond the University of Maryland campus. The energy generated from these systems, in the case of outdoor waterways such as campus fountains, will be made available to students to provide them with convenient access to outdoor electricity. This will allow them to be able to easily recharge their devices without having to go indoors to find an outlet. The intention is that this will encourage students to spend more time outdoors while also reducing energy usage from nonrenewable sources. Once expanded, energy from these systems could be connected back into the electrical grid to supplement energy generated by other means to increase system efficiency. Further, the visible implementation of hydroelectric systems as a part of campus landmarks will serve to reinforce the University's image as a campus devoted to sustainable development.

Team Members

Kyle Pichney

Social Issue/Cause


Type of Activities

Social Innovation/Social Entrepreneurship