Engineering Playdate
Engineering Playdate aims to empower women in STEM majors to help inspire young girls, ages 8-12, to pursue STEM fields such as engineering.

Project Description

The purpose of Engineering Playdate is to give young girls, around 8-12 years old, the opportunity to embrace stereotypically "girly" things while also practicing engineering skills in order to combat the social stigma that "girly-girls" do not belong in STEM fields. Simultaneously, Engineering Playdate presents women who are currently majoring in STEM field the opportunity to inspire the next generation of girls in STEM. by mentoring at the event. Engineering Playdate aims to have these young girls understand that they can be who they are and be in a STEM field as well, by hosting a hardware hackathon event in which these young girls combine their interests as well as engineering and problem solving skills. This organization was founded not only to encourage girls to enter STEM fields, but to stay who they are at the same time; to convey the message that you can like what you like and be who you are and be a scientist or engineer or doctor, etc.; to emphasize that you do not have to change who you are to be in a typically "masculine" line of work.

Team Members

Cherie Landa

Social Issue/Cause

STEM education for young girls

Type of Activities

Fundraising/Giving/Philanthropy, Volunteering/Service/Service-Learning, Community Organizing