Team Enviiro aims to raise awareness about proper disposal of food waste on the University of Maryland campus.

Project Description

Food waste not only occurs occurs globally, but has effects on our day to day lives. The issue is that many people do not consider the consequences when disposing food. A majority of food waste ends up in landfills where food decomposes without oxygen, which results in methane being released into the atmosphere. This methane is a harmful greenhouse gas which has bigger consequences than we realize. The resources that go into producing food are also being wasted as food gets improperly disposed of, resources such as water, land, labor, energy. Our project venture aims to decrease food waste on the consumer end in the food waste process. Throughout April we plan to actively teach people in the STAMP student union how to correctly sort their trash. This will hopefully eliminate people contaminating the recycling and compost bins by sorting it incorrectly. We also aim to have trivia on food waste in order to teach students the negative affects food waste has on the environment. When food is thrown into landfills, which the majority of it is, breaks down and emits methane gas which is a harmful greenhouse gas. By actively teaching students how to sort their trash correctly, we believe less food waste will be sent to landfills. Team Enviiro aims to target the student population of the University of Maryland. Our goals hope to create a domino effect between students: one student being education on proper disposal of compost, leads more student awareness. In the long term, disposing waste properly and promoting sustainability will benefit one community at a time. Our team aims to improve food waste and disposal at the University of Maryland, by educating the students and community on the proper ways to compost, recycle, and dispose food. We plan on working with the assistant director, of Stamp, to get an idea of their program and what has already been done in reducing food waste waste in the building. We hope to gain some insight on what can be done to improve composting within the campus. We are also reaching out to other organizations and university departments who value sustainability and environmental issues that our team looks to address.

Team Members

Morgan Haky
Corey Townsend
Kinjal Shah
Joseph Lazarte
Sarina Lamb
Jordan Plotkin

Social Issue/Cause


Type of Activities

Volunteering/Service/Service-Learning, Community Organizing