Fast Fruit
Get more college students to eat breakfast when they're short on time

Project Description

Many college students at the University of Maryland skip breakfast because they do not have enough time to walk from the residence halls to the diner and sit down to eat before class. This is especially a problem for those students that live in halls such as Centreville, Cambridge and Anne Arundel that are not very close to a dining hall. We want to put bowls of fruit (and possibly bagels) in the lobbies of residence halls so that students can grab them on the way to class. This will get more students to eat something before they start their day, giving them more energy and allowing them to sustain a healthier lifestyle in college. To implement this, we will simply just be moving certain foods from the dining halls into the dorms for easier access.

Team Members

Ashwin Kammula
Ethan Mara
Daniel Escalante
Amit Yavasani

Social Issue/Cause

College Student Health

Type of Activities