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Foundational Learning and Mentorship Experience
FLAME aims to provide a scientific support system to underprivileged students in Prince George's county through an after school mentoring program where students plan and execute scientific experiments and learn complex STEM topics.

Project Description

The goal of our organization is to provide our students with an opportunity to expand the boundaries of science. We are currently in two Title 1 schools, Charles Carroll Middle School and Adelphi Elementary School, where most of the students are below the poverty line. Studies show that kids are most impressionable in their middle school years, so I wanted to get to those kids before they had a chance to experience blockades. These students have already experienced some blockages- outdated textbooks, ill-stocked science classrooms, and no continuation of science knowledge outside of the classroom. With partnerships from other Do Good groups such as the Food Recovery Network, Integrated Life Sciences Honors College, and the Do Good Institute, we are able to provide scientific mentorship and experiments for the students. We have inspired and fostered the students’ curiosity by giving them the opportunity to build a circuit of LED lights or even build their own fire extinguisher. We also provide them a full, healthy meal so that they can focus on learning. In fact, FLAME has the highest retention rate of any after school program at the school. We even fully funded a trip to the National Air and Space Museum for our students, so that they could learn concepts such as black holes, planets, and gravity changes outside of the classroom. While the impact and reach of our organization is difficult to show, the numbers and stories speak for themselves. Students from previous years who have graduated continually ask to come back and our number of students increase every semester. "I want to go to college," said one of our students, "so I can teach kids like you teach me". The far reaching affects of FLAME will create an inter-generational pipeline of science-loving students who want to pursue higher education.

Team Members

Natalia Ochman
Justin Buck
Smriti Gupta
Bebe Badiei

Social Issue/Cause

STEM education

Type of Activities

Fundraising/Giving/Philanthropy, Volunteering/Service/Service-Learning