Give n' Go
To be able to give back to our local food drives and parishes, to help the local families that are in need.

Project Description

We are a mobile application that provides a food delivery service. Through our application, our consumers are able to order food from local restaurants in the vicinity right to our consumer's front doors. We hope that once we are able to turn a profit, we hope to be able to give back some of our figures to the local food drives. In the greater D.C. area, food deprivation amongst children and their families is a very prevalent issue, and is one that we hope to be able to give back to. We have not specified the exact food drive or parish that we will contribute our earnings back to, but we hope to solidify that as we continue to facilitate our start-up. We hope that we are able to advance the carry-out carrier niche market, but would like to differentiate by the social impact factor that we are looking to address.

Team Members

Griffin Cicci
Justin Feldman
Gavin Fletcher
Ethan Parker
Ben Howard

Social Issue/Cause

Local food deprivation

Type of Activities

Social Innovation/Social Entrepreneurship