Greek Life Serves
GLS aims to combat food security in the Washington, D.C. area while simultaneously introducing children to the concept of higher education

Project Description

Food insecurity is rapidly growing within the United States. According to Carrie Wells of the Baltimore Sun, more than 280 colleges in the United States now possess some form of food pantries. In June 2018, it was calculated that approximately 13.7% of children under the age of 18 residing in Prince George’s County currently live in households that experienced food insecurity at some point during the year according to PGC Health Zone. This issue is contrasted by the large amount of food that goes to waste in fraternity and sorority chapter houses. In order to combat this problem, Greek Life Serves partners with fraternities and sororities in the Interfraternity Council (IFC) and Panhellenic Association (PHA) not only to acquire donated meals to serve these struggling families and children, but also to directly deliver and serve these meals. Some goals of Greek Life Serves include providing healthy meals for the Boys and Girls Clubs, as well as educating the youth about making healthy choices themselves, which is extremely difficult living in a food desert. In general, Greek Life Serves hopes to directly combat food insecurity using our resources and by offering education opportunities. We hope to create a stronger relationship between the College Park Greek Life and the broader Washington, D.C. communities. The direct target population of Greek Life Serves includes the children in the general Prince George’s County and D.C. area that experience food insecurity. We also extend our target population to include the families of the children so that the entire family is well taken care of. Events take place at University of Maryland, as well as in the surrounding communities of Maryland and Washington, D.C. Community partners include the Boys and Girls Clubs of Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, and the D.C. Central Kitchen. Stakeholders include fraternities and sororities in the IFC and PHC at the University of Maryland.

Team Members

Kyle Chojnacki
Abby Crockett
Carly Lyon
Annie Transport
Harris Block

Social Issue/Cause

Food insecurity in the local community

Type of Activities

Fundraising/Giving/Philanthropy, Volunteering/Service/Service-Learning, Advocacy/Awareness