Help Center
Providing peer counseling and crisis intervention with a mental health-oriented hotline and walk-in service to UMD Students and members of the surrounding communities.

Project Description

The Help Center is a 100% anonymous, confidential peer-counseling and crisis intervention hotline based out of the South Campus Dining Hall here at UMD. Founded in 1970, we are completely volunteer-run by highly trained student counselors. We are trained to take calls on any topic or issue. Our model is based in a Rogerian client-centered humanistic model, which means we respond with empathy and support to help callers explore their feelings and find feasible solutions. We utilize a vast database of resources to help refer callers to community organizations and services to receive any further help they need. We provide free pregnancy tests and condoms to upon request because accessible sexual health resources are important for mental and physical well-being. The Help Center is the most accessible mental health service on campus. We provide services with no cost whatsoever; we are open 76 hours a week during the school year and are open (with modified hours) during summer and winter break as well. We are advocates for seeking help and strive to destigmatize conversations about mental health.

Team Members

Erin McKendry Hill
Natania Lipp

Social Issue/Cause

Mental Health

Type of Activities