I Can Grow
"I Can Grow" aims to provide an educational experience to students by growing their own fresh produce in an active and engaged learning community.

Project Description

We are undertaking this venture to focus on providing affordable, sustainable, and profitable fresh produce to food insecure areas. We believe that we can profitably provide produce to underserved communities at a lower price than a grocery store, and at a higher level of convenience. We seek to provide hydroponic community gardens to areas such as common living areas on campus. We plan to rent out “plots” in our hydroponics garden for people of that community to grow their own food. We would provide whatever education is necessary to begin growing, and provide assistance throughout the growing process. We are serving people in food underserved communities, and starting with students on the University of Maryland campus affected by this problem. Our customers, the community, the environment are all beneficiaries of our venture. Our target is also students and people that want to learn new skills in growing food or are interested in becoming more self-sustaining.

Team Members

Wade Williams
Michelle Hounzangli
Maria Amaro
Matt Burdeshaw
Diego Ramirez

Social Issue/Cause

Food insecurity

Type of Activities

Volunteering/Service/Service-Learning, Community Organizing, Social Innovation/Social Entrepreneurship