iGive a Bag
Our goal is to reduce the number of plastic bags used on campus, particularly in the convenience stores.

Project Description

Our project has the mission of reducing the number of plastic bags and promoting the usage of reusable bags at the University of Maryland. Through a social media marketing campaign, we hope to raise awareness of the harms that plastic bags cause and encourage students to buy and use reusable bags at the convenience stores. In addition, we have plans to initiate a plastic bag upcycling event at GreenFest and Maryland Day in order to further advance our reusable bag campaign. At the upcycling events, we are going to be making containers and cup holders out of plastic bags. Additionally, we will be encouraging students to take part in the upcycling events, while informing them about the harms and damages that plastic bags cause to the environment. In order to obtain the plastic bags needed for the upcycling events, we will be collecting plastic bags from students around campus. We are taking all these steps in order to ensure that the majority of students on campus use reusable bags as opposed to plastic bags.

Team Members

Kristen Ju
Ailiang Zhang
Leyeka Lufumpa
Sipu Gao
Kyle Smith

Social Issue/Cause


Type of Activities

Advocacy/Awareness, Community Organizing