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A Market for Sustainability
A Market for Sustainability aims to advocate for agricultural sustainable efforts and support Maryland farms.

Project Description

Our project is a monthly farmers market booth in a central location on campus which will give away free food produced and donated by gardens on campus and from Hungry Harvest. We will have large signs and cardboard photo “stand-ins,” in addition to the free food, in order to increase overall attraction to the booth and maximize participation. In return for the campus farms’ and gardens’ collaborations, our booth would be an additional advertisement of their organizations, as well as a step towards our shared goal. While visitors are at the booth, we will share the importance of agricultural sustainability and inform them of the sustainability groups on campus and of local groups such as Hungry Harvest. Our target audience is students who care about the environment but are not motivated to seek out opportunities to learn about sustainability or improve their practices. Thus, rather than the students having to actively seek out opportunities, they will be able to passively come across opportunities through our booth. We hope to inspire and motivate these students to take action. This will be done through conversation, posters, and fliers that advocate for and educate about general sustainability and local environmental groups. Ultimately, we hope this booth will increase involvement in the campus environmental groups and increase participation in sustainable environmental practices.

Team Members

Shoshana Kott
Sean Harrington
Emily Jaffe

Social Issue/Cause

Agricultural Sustainability and Hunger

Type of Activities