Maryland Impact Challenge
Maryland Impact Challege will provide the resources to Maryland high school students to carry out social change projects in their own communities while learning about philanthropy.

Project Description

Maryland Impact Challenge aims to provide Maryland high school students the opportunity to learn about the theoretical aspects of giving while also putting what they learn into practice. The students will be in groups and devise social action projects based on their passions. The groups will then compete for grant money. This idea was born out of the concept that those closest to the problem are often the best ones to solve it. We were inspired by the work that the Do Good Institute does, and recognize that several parts of Maryland, including the surrounding community in PG County are underserved. This semester, we would run a prototype of the program and challenge in a small number of PG County high schools. Many of the target population of participants likely receive some sort of assistance from a nonprofit similar to the organizations their social action projects will be centered around. The challenge will empower these highschool students by completing a cycle of giving and receiving, demonstrating the concept that anyone can be a philanthropist regardless of financial means. As a result of the teaching aspect of the program, the effects are long term. We aim to instill the importance of giving back and social change in the youth participants. Additionally, this program provides an opportunity for experiential learning that could contribute to college applications, and therefore increase the likelihood of further education. We believe that ultimately, the community as a whole would benefit from the exponential effects of teaching and enabling individuals in creating social change.

Team Members

Eliana Neuwirth
Heidi Rinehart
Katish Sussman
Morgan Sirota

Social Issue/Cause

facilitating community-based philanthropy

Type of Activities

Fundraising/Giving/Philanthropy, Community Organizing, Social Innovation/Social Entrepreneurship