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Mindful Meditation for Kids
Mindful Meditation for Kids will provide mindfulness cards to PG County elementary schools to help with disruptive behavior in the classroom.

Project Description

Considering all districts in the state of Maryland, Prince George’s (PG) County has one of the highest rates for suspension and expulsion. In order to alleviate high suspension rates in schools, we have taken a bottom-up approach to this issue. As such, we are focusing on primary education as brain development, personality, and social learning skills are shaped in the early years of schooling. Important to note, we have found in early research that elementary schools experience more office referrals than schools suspensions. However, by using a grassroots approach, we believe the implementation of a mindfulness program is the answer to decreasing high suspension rates in schools. Fundamentally, our goal is to distribute mindfulness/meditation cards that contains a picture and description of how to perform a mindfulness technique for kids acting out in classrooms. By engaging and seeking partnerships with school administrators and staff, we see change operating twofold. First, disruptive behavior or behavior that warrants office referrals and suspension are remedied in mindful techniques to avoid harsher practices that exacerbate the behavior. Secondly, children will learn how to understand and manage their emotions so as to develop ways to recognize and control their reactions in the future, allowing for less behavioral problems as they progress into higher levels of education. Since PG County schools received the second highest title 1 funding (behind Baltimore City) in 2017 and the county exhibits one of the highest suspension rates in the state, our target population is students attending PG county schools who come from a low socioeconomic status.

Team Members

Jamie Tyson
Jordan Hyman
Emily Dobrzykowski
Christyana Wood

Social Issue/Cause


Type of Activities

Advocacy/Awareness, Social Innovation/Social Entrepreneurship