My goal is to democratize diagnosis and streamline/simplify information readily available to the public about medications, side effects, and the potential reactions that may be triggered as a result of pre-existing health conditions.

Project Description

People have great faith in their doctors and don't always do due diligence when exploring their options for medications. People are very frequently prescribed medications, some of which they may not even fully understand the implications of. The goal of this application is to keep the general public well-informed about their health and the risks that they may face, in a way that isn't overwhelming or confusing to a layperson. In an age where the opioid crisis is raging and big-pharma is very controlling, it is important that people are educated about their decisions in regards to medication. My app EFFECTS has been prototyped with three key features: 1. A basic dictionary of medications, meant to be updated periodically 2. A "medicine mixer" in which people can input the medications or substances they are using and see the interactions. The user can also input their medical history and check their 'mix' against it to detect any additional threats 3. Community forum to search for advice on issues, with results that prioritize finding people who have similar medical histories View the prototype: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQU4bV0qYtk By democratizing diagnosis, people will be more informed about the decisions they are making and conscious of the adverse effects that they may face. I went through a very difficult experience in which I was taking a medication and went on to experience severe depression. Luckily I was able to spot the relationship between the two; some people are not. This app will allow users to be more informed and aware of how medications are affecting them--something that could lead to drastic improvements in the overall wellbeing and health of many. The app is for all ages, but designed with the Millennial generation top of mind.This app would be available to the public across the U.S and stakeholders include those taking medications.

Team Members

Sameera Polavarapu

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Type of Activities

Social Innovation/Social Entrepreneurship