OnTrack aims to raise money for charity while motivating people to begin taking control of their personal health.

Project Description

While cardiovascular activity can be incredibly beneficial for relieving stress, achieving personal goals, staying active, and improving overall health, many people find it difficult to garner the motivation to actually get out there and do it. This psychological barrier is prevalent throughout the fitness community and serves as an obstacle for those trying to become more active. Introducing OnTrack, an app that encourages cardiovascular activity by helping charities out with every step you take. Every time a customer uses our app and works out, money will be donated to their favorite charity, thus giving users extra motivation to stay healthy and get those extra steps in. Our business creates two categories of beneficiaries. The first category is our direct user base who download the app and go for a run. These people are benefiting from our business because they are receiving encouragement and motivation to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. The second category is those who are not directly involved with our app. These are the people who receive donations from charities, funded by active app users. In order for this to work, we need to target customers who already enjoy running as a form of exercise to set up a loyal customer base. In addition to this group, we will also target customers who would like to improve their fitness level by creating incentives to change their lifestyle. We plan to make this app available on Google Play and the App Store, allowing our service to spread throughout the country without a limit.

Team Members

Gabe Contino
Richard Wang
Dan Israel-Meyer

Social Issue/Cause

Personal Health, Philanthropy

Type of Activities

Fundraising/Giving/Philanthropy, Community Organizing