pairUp aims to solve academic isolation freshmen face to achieve mental and physical success in their college journey.

Project Description

College freshman coming into a new, unknown environment have a lot on their plate: one of their biggest struggles is connecting with others in their large lectures. Many freshmen feel isolated from others in their classes and believe that their academic struggle is one that they have to work through alone. This results in long-term stress, depression, and finally according to College Atlas a 30% drop-out rate for college freshman after their first year at university. Our idea through the premise of the Do Good Challenge is one that aims to connect fellow freshman in large, impersonal, first-year lectures: PairUp is a mobile, matching application somewhat similar conceptually to very popular dating applications used by college students. In this case, however, students will be pairing with those who share similar study patterns, complementary study strengths, and overlapping class schedules. In a sea of new students, PairUp will make the process of finding a study partner much more efficient, effective, and convenient for all incoming students.

Team Members

Angela Chien
Vasmi Patel
Celina Owens
Florina Lam
Sarah Gray

Social Issue/Cause

Education: Academic Isolation

Type of Activities